Hunter Reflections

Hunter Reflections 2

Hunter Refelections

Well that was a pretty cool weekend here in Perth! 24 degrees and heaps of swell! Surfed Rottnest both days and wound down this evening working up a couple of images from the mighty Hunter River.

Feeling a nice kind of puffed just now and I am sure I won’t need much rocking to sleep this evening!

Some more images from the mighty Hunter River and Raft Point

Hunter Mirror

Mangrove Sunrise

Photog Sunrise

Steep Island Glow

The Hunter River would have to be one of my favourite places in the Kimberley as it always turns it on with awesome clouds and it is always picture perfect.

When we used to do the split trips on True North, this is where the swap outs would happen, so you can imagine the excitement when you fly to a dirt strip up on plateau not far from the Hunter, get picked up by the True North heli and then fly to meet the True North in these surroundings!

Very cool!

My other favourite place in the Kimberley is Raft Point and the last photo in this thread shows our view for the Raft Point sunrise out over Steep Island, just as the sin was hitting the foliage below.

The Hunter River, Kimberley

The above 3 photos show the various moods and colours the Hunter River in the Kimberley has to offer. The top image was taken just before sunrise and the other images were taken only an hour or 2 later.

The cloud formations that develop over this region are as reliable as they are varied.

We were in a small tributary that runs off the Hunter River here which offers a very calm and safe anchorage.

The crocodiles are always hanging around this area here, so it is certainly not an area to go for a dip!

Jurassic Kimberley, Indian Head

A number of the lads have been talking about how Jurassic the Kimberley looks , so I thought I would post this one which is, in my opinion a transformer waiting to break out of the rocks and start his next mission!

The location is a rocky outcrop called Indian Head in the Hunter River.

I cannot believe how much the head looks like a head with a mouth, nose, eyes, eyebrows and eve an ear!

For those Bing Bang fans, I also reckon it looks like Sheldon when he got the big Hulk fists and he smashes them together! šŸ™‚

Heli Sunset in the Hunter

Christian and I finished the day off this evening with a help sunset in the Hunter River with a few other guests and some champaign, cheese and biscuits.

A beautiful way to finish a great day in one of my favourite areas in the Kimberley.

Ho’s the top image for thinking outside the box Pete? 11 shot focus stack! šŸ™‚

Ancient Kimberley Rocks

Another image from the wonderful Hunter River.

Flembot and Dave spent a lot of time just here but lower. In fact it is here where the 2 Wally’s were hiding from the other perspective, so maybe this will give you an insight as to what they were looking at!

Here’s another Sunrise shot from the Hunter River

Sunrise at the Hunter

This shot took a bit of working up as the sun had just hit some of the cliffs and they were getting blown out very easily.

But it was worth it in the end I think!

The skies especially in this shot are awesome. It is an 8 photo stitch and the large TIFF file is nearly 1 gig!