Rust Compilation

Whilst in Iceland recently we visited an area of an old Viking village and some of the lads I was travelling with did not want to ‘stay and play’, so i was dropped off for a while to explore.

Although the landscape experience was very good, some more of the micro opportunity became evident due to the additional time I had to explore.

This rust compilation is the result of just cruising around and ‘smelling the roses’!

There was and old rusty buoy laying on its side with some awesome colours and textures just screaming out to be photographed…so i obliged! 🙂

The Peak, Iceland

Lone Mountain St

I think one of the more lasting memories I have of Iceland is just how many of these ‘Lone’ pinnacle mountains there are scattered all over Iceland. I guess at some stage they were all Volcanoes.

For sure that make for a great backdrop to a beautifully tones scene!