To Stitch or not to Stitch…that is the question!

The Spread Pano

The Spread

I am often affectionately referred to as the ‘stitch master’ from my photog colleagues and when I get to a scene I will often start with a wide angle version to get me into the feel of a scene and then step back and look at a broader view.

I think that this scene shows very well why I often stitch as it not only protects the scale of what you are seeing, it tends to tell more of the story. Couple that to the fact that the file size is killer, so that the opportunity to print huge if need be down the track, then I think there is a compelling story for stitching.

I am pretty sure the wide angle version was at 24mm taken with the 24-70. The stitch was taken with the same lens, but at 50mm hence protecting the scale of the scene and not squashing things down as wide angle lenses tend to. It is not quite as evident at this size, but at full size there is a heap of difference!

File size of the stitch is 2.5 gig which resulted from a 20 image double row stack.

Yes it takes a lot longer to work up these mega stitches, but I think the final result pays dividends in the overall result.

I look fwd to hearing your feedback on the 2 versions!

Sincerely yours…the ‘stitch master’! 🙂

Sunset falls

Sunset Falls

Check out the cool cloud formation we spotted whilst setting up for this sunset shoot over these falls!

My recollection of this shoot was bitterly cold with a strong wind blowing in the wrong direction and only an ability to ping off this one shot before giving into the elements.

We came back for a sunrise shoot the next day, which found the conditions even colder to the point where the water on the path below was solid ice and very slippery.

The columns and the waterfall!

Golden Rock Pano

It was a bit of a trek getting down here, which I guess makes the result of this pano all the more special!

When looking from the top down, it became quite evident to me that the extra special feature of this water fall scene was indeed the columns on the far side.

Logic therefore said to me…’let’s make a feature out of the columns’ and so a climbing down I went!

The added bonus when I looked at the RAW files was the very cool lens flare appearing in just the right spots which added a nice feature to the image. Sometimes plans just come together eh!

When I was up top the sun was still working its way above the horizon, so if I had gone down earlier, the image would not be quite as it is now!

Blue Falls, Iceland

Blue falls High

Blue Falls Sq St

Brent had heard from a fellow photog that these falls were pretty special, so we set out to explore. The walk there was interesting with a very flooded pathway and a number of detours to find the right way there, but when we did finally find it, there was a lot of Wow’s coming from the team if for no other reason but for the colour of the aqua blue water in the cascades below.

I don’t think I have seen such colour in water anywhere and so the square image was designed to show off the colour without distraction from anything else and I think I have achieved that goal.

The other more traditional image shows the later light. I would very much like to go back here someday when the light was really good as it has the potential to be absolutely gobsmaking if the conditions were perfect…but we did OK on this occasion!

Golden Falls

Golden Light Waterfall-2

We were down at the bottom of these falls when I ‘saw the light’ glowing down on the hills above, so I yelled out to the other boys that we had best hitail it up top to see what was happening.

The light show that went on from there was very cool and having just scene a sneak preview of Mikie Mike Fletcher’s video, he shows it off very well.

This is my take on that very special moment!

Mountain Waterfall

Bridge Sheep

Mountain Waterfall 2

Waterfall Mountain

We arrived at this location before sunset and there was already 3 Photographers hogging the obvious perspective. And whats more they stayed there for the entire hour and a half we were there without once looking for other shots…what the?

So our crew did what Aussies do and became innovative…he we were in a really cool location and there were a myriad of perspectives to be had, so away we went pinging away here and there.

I was very much after a sheep shot as these sheep have to be seen to be believed as to where they get to.

It is not unusual to see them way up high on the sides of mountains acting more like mountain goats than sheep!

In this instance I thought the early morning scene of a ram and a sheep crossing an old bridge above teh waterfall made for a good start to my sheep shot quest!