Montgomery Reds

Montgomery Reds

My wife Lee was looking for an abstract Kimberley image today to go up on our bedroom wall with a particular colour palette, so i went straight to my RAW files of Montgomery Reef and this is the result.

I think it will look good against the bed head wall with similar reds adjacent to the image!

Bat Crack Tree

Bat Crack Tree 2

Bat Crack Tree

On the last evening on my recent True North adventure, a few intrepid adventurers from the cruise scooted down the mighty King George River to explore the side cave on the river known as the Bat Crack.

I have posted some other images previously of this cave.

These shots are of the view as we exited the cave and interestingly enough, on the way in we did not even notice this perspective.

Once again it shows the benefit of simply looking behind you every now and then!

The King of all Jetties!

Broome Jetty Sunrise Lines

The title of this post is simply, ‘The King of All Jetties’, which is of course the might Broome Jetty, made to handle the King tides of our Kimberley at sometimes 12m or more, so majestic she stands and still standing after cyclones, mammoth tides a numerous large vessels docking on her day in day out.

One of those vessels is of course, the mighty True North!

Lower view of Melaluka Falls

After spending a fair bit of time on the higher view, I slid down to this view to join Tom Putt and was quite happy with how this view made more of a feature with the colours and textures under the waterfall on the right.

A 21 image stitch with various challenges to do with the light on the day, but I think we got there in the end!

Pondering Eagle Falls


I set up this shot with Christian Fletcher for him to take. It is a 4 image vertical stitch and I am doing a Doby Gillis pose out in the distance, looking out over the beautiful vista with the thunder of the waterfalls right next to me.

The ledge that I was sitting on was sitting right out over the pool below and the feeling of tranquility was really quite surreal as I sat there waiting for Christian to ping off the shots.

I thought that the image needed some scale and as such felt that I also should be in the shot as well.

Hope you like it!

Camp Creek Lower Falls

What a wonderful day we had in Camp Creek today down the magnificent Prince Regent River.

We had awesome skies all day and the grand finale was a grand sunset over Kings Cascades.

We have only just returned from the shoot and this image was worked up earlier today…hope you like it!

First Images from True North in the Kimberley

After a long day of travel and waiting at Kununurra, seeing True North waiting for us on the Wharf was a welcome sight.

I never tire of hearing the oohs and ahh’s of the guests as they see the True North for the first time, sitting there all clean and proud…Heli on deck and the crew ready to show the people around the boat whilst sipping on the Champaign cocktail of the day.

Wyndham turned on a beautiful sky show for us with a large thunderhead soaking up all of the last light it could find, sitting there like a large anvil in the sky.

Day one was straight into action stations at King George falls. We initially covered the lower vantage points and then made our way up topsides with a considerable trek up and around. The light at King George was very challenging this year when compared to last year, but there have bee a few initial successes come out from the editing…more to come when time permits.

Yesterday we spent exploring the Drysdale river and Rock art, followed by a Kimberley sunset and just now Christian and I are working up some images waiting for our help transfer to the fabulous Eagle Falls picnic!

The plan today is to go where no one has ever gone before and to get down to the bottom of the falls, where I have seen a beautiful array of white rivers stones should make for epic foreground interest looking back up to the falls.

The walk down will be full on, but we are primed and ready…stay tuned!

Off on True North for another Kimberley Adventure!

From this Saturday, I will be once again on True North with Christian Fletcher leading other keen Photog’s around to all the cool photographic locations to be had in this untouched wilderness.

I am expecting a great start to the season as there has been regular top ups in the Kimberley recently with Thunderstorms etc, so I look fwd to seeing what the Kimberley has up her sleeve for me this time round.

I have done this trip now, more times than I can remember and what never ceases to amaze me is just how different it is every single time!

When Flemming Bo Jensen, Dave Bettini and myself did a similar trip last year we did not see one other vessel or person for 2 weeks and 1100 NM! There are not too many places on this planet where you can cover such distances and not see anything other than raw and untouched beauty.

I will be posting live off the boat again on a daily basis if possible, so stay tuned to the blog for regular updates on our adventures!

News hot off the press is that Tom Putt is also going us for the second week and will be flying in from the Mitchell Plateau by way of the True North helicopter.

I look fwd to catching up with you soon Tom!