King George Outlook

King George Outlook Final

This is the view where you would not want to be at the height of the wet season as you would enjoy a one way ride over the falls!

I am standing on the Southern edge of the King George falls here, looking out to the West.

This is a 5 image stitch and focus stacked as well.

Pondering Eagle Falls


I set up this shot with Christian Fletcher for him to take. It is a 4 image vertical stitch and I am doing a Doby Gillis pose out in the distance, looking out over the beautiful vista with the thunder of the waterfalls right next to me.

The ledge that I was sitting on was sitting right out over the pool below and the feeling of tranquility was really quite surreal as I sat there waiting for Christian to ping off the shots.

I thought that the image needed some scale and as such felt that I also should be in the shot as well.

Hope you like it!

Camp Creek Lower Falls

What a wonderful day we had in Camp Creek today down the magnificent Prince Regent River.

We had awesome skies all day and the grand finale was a grand sunset over Kings Cascades.

We have only just returned from the shoot and this image was worked up earlier today…hope you like it!