The True North Adventures continue!


Pandanus Sq St

Camp Creek

Bucaneer 1

Another great day on True North in the Hunter River yesterday and we have the famous Heli picnic at Eagle Falls today.

The images above are from The Buccaneer Archipelago, Camp Creek and Montgomery Reef.

The walk to Camp Creek is a solid walk for about 45 minutes which is rewarded with a cooling dip above the water fall.

Montgomery Mega St

Montgomery Mega Mega

This is another image for my spashback range and is the widest stitch I have ever done!

17 images manually stitched and the full size image is 45,000 pixels wide x 7500 pixels high and is over a gig in size!

Nothing that my new 750 gig solid state Mac book Pro couldn’t handle!


Eagle Falls, Kimberley

Eagle Falls South St

Eagle Falls is possibly one of the most memorable places we go to on the True North Kimberley Cruises and the best part about it, is that only guests on board True North get to go here as it is very remote and only accessible by help.

We do 5 star banquets next to the waterfall and like the King George image of yesterday it is a bit of a luck of the draw as to the light and conditions when we get there.

But, on this occasion it was game on, with some epic light and cloud and the perfect time of day as well, considering that getting there at sunrise and sunset is just about impossible!

How cool are the clouds in this image!

The walk is also pretty special and challenging, considering we walked and climbed from the waterfall!

King George Magic

TN at King George Mega Pano

I have been to the King George river in the Kimberley many many times before and for sure it is one of the toughest places in the Kimberley to capture properly.

It is often very contrasty at the times when the tides are right to go in. It seems to have its own mini climate, and wind eddies whipping up the water in front of the falls.

Clouds are hit and miss and the colours are very easily blown in these conditions.

I think I have captured the essence of what the King George is about with this image and as it was shot at 70mm the perspectives are pretty much as they should be.

The Red Cliffs of the King George

King George Reds V

Red Cliffs of King George

In the UK, they have the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’…in WA we have the red cliffs of the Kimberley and there are none more majestic and colourful than the cliffs that lead into the mighty King George River.

Here is a couple of examples of the red cliffs of the King George.

Hunter Reflections

Hunter Reflections 2

Hunter Refelections

Well that was a pretty cool weekend here in Perth! 24 degrees and heaps of swell! Surfed Rottnest both days and wound down this evening working up a couple of images from the mighty Hunter River.

Feeling a nice kind of puffed just now and I am sure I won’t need much rocking to sleep this evening!

Montgomery Island

Montomery Island

Another little gem from Montgomery reef.

The clouds and clarity in the sky were especially clear on this day. I have often seen it quite hazy up there due to the incessant burning off that DEC does???

For the life of me, I still don’t get why they need to do that in such a remote area. Let nature take its course I say!

Feeling kinda small at the top of King George!

Thomas Waterfall

At the top of the mighty King George falls there looks to be a small and insignificant fellow standing there.

The reality is that this fellow has had a huge impact on photography over his life and I will leave it to you to guess just who that might be! 🙂

Talbot Bay Mangrove

Backlit Mangrove-B&W

Backlit Mangrove-desat

I need some assistance with this one!

Black and White or Colour?

We went for a bit of an explore in Talbot Bay on this evening and during the first pass the trees were much further out of the water, but it wasn’t long before the incoming tide started to change the outlook considerably.

Fortunately I picked this one off before the flooding tide destroyed my scene too much!