King George Outlook

King George Outlook Final

This is the view where you would not want to be at the height of the wet season as you would enjoy a one way ride over the falls!

I am standing on the Southern edge of the King George falls here, looking out to the West.

This is a 5 image stitch and focus stacked as well.

Feeling kinda small at the top of King George!

Thomas Waterfall

At the top of the mighty King George falls there looks to be a small and insignificant fellow standing there.

The reality is that this fellow has had a huge impact on photography over his life and I will leave it to you to guess just who that might be! 🙂

King George Falls

I have been to King George falls a number of times, but today I could find no other words to describe our experience there, but Epic!

We were high up on the look out after a mega walk up there and still we were getting spray on our lenses!

Mother nature was playing ball as well. When we wanted soft light, she gave it to us. When we wanted a rainbow, that happened as well. When we wanted a nice sky to go with the scene…vola….!

Dave Bo and I had a fantastic day shooting probably one of the most epic scenes you could hope to capture.

The bottom image is a 21 shot stitch that is about 1.5 gig in size!