Back from Lake Ballard

We have just return from a quick sortie out to Lake Ballard with Christian Fletcher, Mike Fletcher, Dave Bettini and myself. Certainly a beautiful part of the world and very clever with all of these little statues scattered around the place which made for great subject matter both day and night.

I called the top image Star Girl as it has an off world feel about it. The Stitch is one of many I shot during the stay out there and is showing off the subtle colours evident all around the lake. It would be a great place to visit with some water and kick butt clouds in the area!

On the way to Lake Ballard we stopped at Northam for an early morning shoot and took some inspiration from a shot that Peter Hodgson took of the Northam flour mill…thanks Peter, that was a great shot of yours and I have put my slant on a similar scene.

I have heaps of good shots still to work up from the trip and I hope you like these first 3 teasers!