Rottnest Thunderstorm

Well the True North gig is now over and the feedback I received was all pretty positive.

I am mulling over a few ideas for next year and will post the concept once we have worked through the ideas properly.

Thanks for everyone who attended and to the speakers and sponsors…a big team effort for sure.

Of course to the True North crew…what can I say…as usual took everything in their stride and everything ran like clockwork!

The above image is of a thunderstorm that came and went so fast it was hard to believe that it even rained 15 minutes later, but my soaked cloths were testament to the fact it did!

I found some pretty cool tucked away bays at Jordie as well that I did not know existed.

Today I have finally overcome by Modem issues thanks to my IT guru Peter Carboni…thanks mate….you are a life saver!