Rottnest Sunrise

Pelican Rock Sunrise

Back to more traditional shots now after the Skydiving excitement of recent times and a shot from last weekend at Rottnest, where we had a classic nil wind and beautiful start to the day.

I had long time friend and Skydiving mate Irish and his son Dave and girlfriend with me over the weekend and very much enjoyed the catch up.

Murf, Zim and daughter Lucy also joined us for the trip over and back.

We caught sone whiting for dinner and had them Tempura.

All in all a great start to the Rotto season.

Dare to Live!



Above are a couple of pics from the Australia Day long weekend at Rottnest.

I also put together a video of my favourite swim through at long reach that I titled ‘Dare to Live…inspired by the track of the same name by Andrea Botichelli.

All shot on the Olympus OMD.

I have a version with that sound track as well!

The video can be found here

Seal Magic




I had an amazing experience at Rottnest yesterday. I went for a bit of a surf on my paddle ski and noticed a seal in the break enjoying the waves and looking like he was in a playful mood, so I went back to get my Olympus and swam back out to see what I could get.

This little guy was soooo playful! He would come zooming in at me and put his nose right up to the camera and my mask and then twist and turn and run off.

Then when he thought he had lost me he would come back in and pose before going crazy again, just like a young puppy would do.

A very special time in the water for sure and this went on for 40 minutes or more!

Rottnest Shags at Longreach

We have a regular flock of Shags that sit out on a rock in Longreach Bay. I like the way they are all looking out to sea over their million dollar view in this image and how a coupe of them frame the boat off in the distance.

I also like the colours and water movement in the foreground in this image.