Billabong Sunrise

I had an opportunity to shoot a mates Billabong down south last week and came away with a couple of interesting takes that is so typical of what you see in an Australian Billabong.

The golden webs we very cool and shot with my 400mm. The light was catching them just perfectly and after seeing it, I am going to look more carefully for new versions of this image.

Moses Rocks

I am staying down south at a friends property near Moses Rock this weekend and I snuck out to see what I could get for a sunset shoot.

I found a nice little outcrop overlooking Moses Rocks featuring some great colours in the foreground.

I thought the post made for a nice bit of foreground interest and in the vertical image, I focus stacked the bottom 2 images of the stitch and then manually stitched them together. It ended up being a 3 image vertical stitch once the stacking was completed.

Sugar Loaf Northern Drama

Here is another perspective from the other day at Sugarloaf. I sat at this spot for some time as the drama was simply mesmerising. Some of the waves exploding were literally throwing up water 10’s of metres in the air and I could help think how helpless you would be if in amongst all that water movement!

No wonder people die when wash off rocks down there…the power of Mother Nature!

Storm Clouds at Wyadup

Cyclone Bianca changed the plans for heaps of people this weekend…me included!

We were on the way to Rotto again until late Friday arvo when the forecast convinced me that maybe Eagle Bay was a safer option.

As it turned out Cyclone Bianca should have been called ‘Fizza Bianca’ as a rival thunderstorm in York and Northam showed Bianca what real havoc is all about!

In any case Christian Fletcher, the Flembot and my mate Ian Wise all met at 0445 on Saturday morning at Wyadup and were treated with some OK clouds and light created by Bianca.

I must say that I did not have such a good morning as this was the only image that I rate from the shoot!

Ian managed a pretty cool one from around a bit from here and yet to see what the other guys got.

Boranup Forrest Simplicity





I have also posted a few images from the forrest at Boranup, but I think this is perhaps the better of them all so far…and of course it just happens to be the last! Sometimes it takes some time to gravitate to the best image eh!

There is always so much going on in these forrest scenes and the light you can capture in there is sometimes out of this world. We were certainly fortunate with the light on this day for sure!


Busselton Jetty





I was down south just before Xmas staying at True North Ashore when we caught up with Christian and Mike Fletcher and their girls for a pre Chrissey dinner.

On the way home, these cool clouds were forming as a result of a low coming down from the Pilbara…the one that actually flooded Canarvon actually! So I decided to capture my first crack at the Busselton jetty.

I am pretty happy with it and the colours are not too bad given how overcast it was that day…hope you like it troops!

Cool Skies

Jamie Paterson was wondering what I was seeing when I was taking this image, but to me this image is typical of what the Margaret River area offers, beautiful beaches, fishing off the beach, seclusion, white sands and cool colours.

Hopefully the image does capture these feelings and emotions of the Margaret River area.

Boranup Forrest





We had a few spare moments…in fact 5 minutes to get a few Boranup Forrest shots, which has been on my ‘to do list’ for a while now.

As it turns out we have the perfect light to shoot the forrest thanks to the quirky cloud hanging around all day and this is the first result..kinda works I think?

Sun-worshipper 2

Once again the first shot I took at the canal rocks shoot and I spent a bit of time on this image. There is a lot going on in here with the water movement being almost perfect, the strong diagonals the amazing colours on the rocks on the other side of the canal, the photographer setting up his tripod and the water rushing in on the bottom left corner. It is a 10 image stitch with the 50mm L series.