Merry Xmas everyone!

I have a regular bunch of mates that I ride around the river with on Saturday mornings if I am in town and this morning we adopted the Xmas theme.

I was actually quite surprised at how many others were out there with their own versions of Xmas and for sure it was a nice way to lead into Xmas on a casual ride with a few good mates!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Western Australian Christmas Tree in Full Bloom

Tiz the season to be merry…la la lala la la la la la!! Or something like that! On the way back from down south today I saw this cracker Western Australian Christmas Tree in full bloom and some more of these awesome clouds created by the North West Cyclone.

The 2 came together very well and I did a black and white version just for something different.

These trees are only found in Western Australia and they only come into bloom just before Xmas…hence the name!