63 V dub?

My guess is the above car wreck is a 1963 Beetle? How close am I?

Another car wreck left on the side of the old Broome road at the Munda Station.

There was also a cool looking tractor wreck that looked like it was set up to run a saw or something near a sheering shed. Exploring properties like Munda can be most intriguing when you stop and wonder just what used to go on back in the day!

The old road to Broome

As many of you are aware, Mike Fletcher and I spend a few days recently up at Mundabullengana Station and the history there was mind boggling in many ways, but none more than the fact that the old Canarvon to Broome road went through the station property.

The above image shows what the road used to look like and just imagine doing that run in cars like the old wreck shown below. Old Dogga Thompson had an idea what make the wreck was, but I cannot recall. Any ideas anyone? As we said when we were looking around the old car, if only cars could talk and what stories this wreck would have to tell! Why was it abandoned? What happened to the occupant? How long has it been there?

On the way back along the old road a Kangaroo decided to see if he could pace us and he was doing a pretty good job of it as well!