First images from West Papua on True North

Here are the first images shot with the Olympus OM-D on the True North in West Papua.

It is a beautiful little bay surrounded with little beehive islands and the colours in the water are to die for!

So far very impressed with the versatility of the OM-D and also how steady the camera is in video mode with the stabilisation system.

It has been a hectic day so far with a 0430 start getting the sunrise then, a steep climb up to the perspective you see, then off for our first dive. A cruise around for an afternoon shoot then a heli shoot at sunset will top the day off!

The new underwater housing is working vey well as well but more on that as time permits.

New Olympus OM-D

I am so excited to hear that Peta North has arranged for me to test the new Olympus OM-D underwater housing for my up and coming trip on True North at Cendrawasih Bay on the 18th of next month!

I recently purchased the Olympus OM-D from Peta and Paul North at Camera Solutions in Perth, in anticipation of this up and coming trip and to also have a smaller camera for doing progress reports and commercial shots around Evolution Commercial.

First impressions of this camera are very good. It is quite user friendly through the menus, super sharp and the ability to focus and trigger in live view exactly where you want the focus is gold. I will do a more detailed review after my trip on True North and after I have given the OM-D a solid work out both above and below the water.

We are just researching which strobe I will get to take with me and then I will be totally kitted out with the ability to capture super sharp stills and HD video whilst swimming with the Whale Sharks of Cendrawasih Bay!

Peta tells me that Olympus are going to update the firmware to allow for Macro selection easily from a menu as well which will make this a very versatile camera indeed. It comes standard with a 12mm – 50mm lens that also does Macro. So pretty much perfect for anything you would need for underwater shooting!

Thanks heaps Peta, Camera Solutions and Olympus for arranging this!

I will be posting live off the True North with new images each day taken from the new OM-D and I will offer comments about my impressions I find on using the camera, the quality of the images and the usability of the housing itself.

Review of the new Olympus OM-D Digital Camera

I was very fortunate to be invited to the launch of the new Olympus OM-D 16 megapixel camera this evening by Peta and Paul North from Camera Solutions.

As an opening comment I would say that the Fuji X100 Pro has some serious competition here with this camera and after shooting with it for about an hour I found it to do everything they said it would in the presentation and some!

The menu is much easier to follow than the Fuji and the other really cool features of this little camera are:

The fastest autofocus of any camera on the market.

A very cool stabilisation system that allows hand held shooting at crazy slow shutter speeds like 1/3rd of a second. The top image was shot at F4, 1/3 of a second shutter and ISO 400, the next 3 were at F2 and 1/6th of a second and 800 ISO and the last image was at 1600 ISO.

HD video and a stabilisation system that runs on a different algorithm than for stills, which makes sense.

A live view screen that uses ‘what you se is what you get’ technology, which is similar to the Canon 5D MK2 in that the settings need to be right in order for the image in the screen to look like it is correctly exposed.

And the coolest thing with this camera is a touch screen feature where you can touch the screen and select where to focus and then keep pushing and the shot is taken…a great feature for someone like me who suffers with low light and needing glasses to see the detail normally…not with this baby…very very cool!I think for sure this is the feature of the Olympus that will simply blow the Fuji X100 pro out of the water as I have heard many people say they are frustrated with the inability to get the focus point where they want it with the X100.

Other features include a good dynamic range getting closer to the higher end full frame sensors, but still not quite at that level, aperture an shutter controls are ergonomically located and easy to use and the quality of the prints we saw from this camera were very comparable to anything shot with a full frame SLR and the fact that it is weather proof. The presenter actually poorer water over the camera whilst it was still on!

All in all I very much rate this camera and will be getting one for sure in the not too distant future and the final attraction for me is that they are bringing out a water proof housing for the camera as well! With the fast autofocus and stabilisation system it will be awesome underwater!

For more information on the new Olympus OM-D camera you can contact Paul North at Camera Solutions here

I would also like to confirm that I have not been sponsored by Olympus to write this review and I have based all of my comments on what I have observed with a hands on trial of the new camera.