Tufi Village

The Tufi Village was probably the most up to date and also the most advanced. The Chief even had a TV and radio in his shack!

The view shown above is the view not far from the Chief’s house. We are talking about seriously multi million dollar views here any where else on the planet.

You can see the standard Thunderclouds forming and even raining off in the distance

PNG Images

Here are a couple of images I shot a while ago with my trusty 20D. I particularly like the shot of the island with the log in the foreground.

The shot of the guys in the canoe was taken just as they arrived at their hut where they were going to live for a few weeks. They had paddled for days to get there and were only there because the fishing was better than where they lived!

These guys are solid individuals and very well built in the upper torso from all the paddling. Luscernque Islands are North East of Tufi on the South Eastern side of PNG. We travel about 1100 nautical miles on this trip from Alotau to Kevieng up in the very North of PNG.

Luscernque Islands

Canoe Boys

True North and the Louisiades

Here are a few of the shots I took whilst on the True North last year in the Louisiades. The Lousiades is East of PNG. This is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The people there lead a very peaceful subsistence lifestyle and are very proud of their lot. The village is kept very clean and the views are to die for!

The snorkeling and diving are also as good as you will see anywhere. We even saw a Killer Whale last year!

The huts over the water are community huts and the school.

True North travels there every year around November. See:
www.northstarcruises.com.au for sailing schedules and prices.



Canoe Boy

Canoe Boy, Palm City

Palm City