2 Blokes with Cameras!

Murf and I headed out to Wildflower country up near Paynes Find on the weekend and the above video link is a quick snap shot of that experience.

There is nothing quite like getting out and about seeing the wonders of nature, but there is also very rewarding to be able to capture what we see with various bits of kit and knowledge I have accumulated over the last 8 years or so.

A nice weekend out!

Paynes Find Beauty

Lake SR St Windmill St

Here are 2 different scenes from yesterday’s shoot. Sunrise made for a beautiful orange glow over the lake we stopped at and below that is an example of the Everlasting show on offer up around that area right now.

It is amazing how nature manages to match colours so well, as after we left the windmill we had whites and yellows and then pinks and yellow and blue.

Looking to the Light!

I hired a 100mm L series Macro lense from team Digital for last weekends wildflower trip and I very much enjoyed using it. The most interesting side of using a macro lense for extended periods of time to me feels like you are taking part in a movie like ‘honey I shrunk the kids’!

I had a towel and my tripod down to its lowest point and wandered around my new huge landscape area that probably only totalled 20 square meters!

It is quite amazing what you see when your focus comes into such a narrow field.

I will for sure be doing more of the Macro shoots and I look fwd to exploring this avenue of photography!