Perth City Mega St

Perth City Epic Mega St

I had a request from a client for a large image of Perth for a feature wall in their new offices, so I set out this evening to take advantage of the tranquil conditions.

This is a 3 layer stitch of 33 images which ended up being 3.5 gig  of epicness!

At 100% I can see the colour of the seats in the offices!

Kings Park Sunrise

Tree Sunrise

I have been driving past these trees a lot lately and felt that there much be a composition there somewhere, so this morning I set out early to see what I could find.

Guess what…it was the morning when the Main Roads department also decided it was time to blow all the leaves around and to put a heap of red witches hats out, so what I ended up with was not quite what I had envisaged, but I am quite liking what i came away with in any case.

A lesson in thinking outside the box for sure! 🙂

African’s come to Perth!

I decided to head out to Kings Park this evening as the cloud build up over the hills was looking promising and was treated to quite a special show.

There were some visiting African dancers rehearsing for a show just in front of the memorial. It reminded me a bit of PNG actually with the dancing and singing and also how co-ordinated they were.

Their songs were quite different to other African melodies and it made for a very nice lead into the sunset.

The mega Thunderstorm I was hoping for didn’t eventuate, but there was a moment where the pink highlights made for a nice feature to the sunset and that image leads this post.

I nice way to see the weekend out for sure!