Pikininis at play

In anticipation of our up and coming trip to West Papua I thought I would dig out some Pikinini portraits from last years trip.

I just love seeing how simply these kids amuse themselves and how they want for nothing. Amusement comes from simple games like a joint carry of a mate, or a swim in the shady lagoon.

Never do you hear the children demanding anything…always you see a smile on their faces.

I think in some ways our society has lost its way in many ways and we could definitely take a leaf out of how these societies operate!

I can’t wait to get more portraits like these showing simple pleasures and amusements next week!

Character Portraits

Apart from the cool truck that I posted last night, my old buddy Glenn is certainly a character in his own right and would fit right in on any set like Old 55 or Greece.

Even on this shoot Glenn had his signature white sneakers on and the traditional black T shirt!

Flemming took some great behind the scenes shots behind the scenes of Glenn as well on his trusty Fuji X100.

No doubt he will post these soon, so keep an eye on his blog for the pics and the prose that he is also a master at these days! 🙂