Some more images from the mighty Hunter River and Raft Point

Hunter Mirror

Mangrove Sunrise

Photog Sunrise

Steep Island Glow

The Hunter River would have to be one of my favourite places in the Kimberley as it always turns it on with awesome clouds and it is always picture perfect.

When we used to do the split trips on True North, this is where the swap outs would happen, so you can imagine the excitement when you fly to a dirt strip up on plateau not far from the Hunter, get picked up by the True North heli and then fly to meet the True North in these surroundings!

Very cool!

My other favourite place in the Kimberley is Raft Point and the last photo in this thread shows our view for the Raft Point sunrise out over Steep Island, just as the sin was hitting the foliage below.


Ever stood on the edge of the world an simply pondered for a while.

Well on this occasion on a True North heli sunrise champaign breakfast, I caught one of our guests doing just that.

Standing on the edge of the cliffs at Raft Point, he looked to me like he was in another zone and pondering just how beautiful the scene was in front of him.

Sunrise, True North, Raft Point…beautiful! 🙂

Where the ‘BLOODY HELL ARE YA’…True North style!!

Here is my version of that famous Australia add ‘where the bloody hell are ya’

This is where we do heli sunrise breakfasts with Champagne and a cheese and fruit platter!!

Very, very special place and one of my favourite excursions in the Kimberley.