Lady Sculpture

Statue City

Lady Stone

The range of extreme conditions endured by the landscape in the Kimberley can often produce some amazing formations in rocks and old trees and after our little excursion to the Bat Crack on the PODAS trip on True North, we came across this little gem!

I am sure if an artist sculptured this for a large building they would have been rewarded handsomely, but nature managed to sculpt this masterpiece for free!

All we had to do was find it!

The sculpture was located just under the beautiful cave shot I posted a couple of posts ago.

Domett Rock Art

Domett Rock-Art

Whilst walking around the point at Cape Domett and after having a couple of slips on my butt on the slippery rocks Christian and I stumbled into this cool cave…once again moulded by nature and the wind.

I can just imagine what sort of forces this area must be subject to during the wet and cyclone season.