Rottnest at its best!

Leeuwin with Dragon Clouds Geordie Pink Sunrise Thompsons Rainbow-900

Well…what a weekend!

I spent most of the weekend shooting Rottnest with my good mate and photography mentor, Christian Fletcher and in typical arsy fashion, Christian jagged what I think was one of the best photography weekends I have seen for some time at Rottnest this weekend…especially yesterday!

Wow what a day: light winds for most of the day, awesome clouds, an epic sunrise and the best sunset I have ever seen at Rotto.

The sad part of the story is that both Christian and I both left our cameras behind for the epic sunset that happened as we both had social commitments…dang dang dang!

Note to self…in future, take the Nikon on your hip with the Rapid strap you hack! 🙂

Anyway, I shouldn’t sook too much as we nailed quite a few epic scenes over the weekend with some 500 shots taken.

The other funny part of the weekend is that a bunch of my mates stayed away from Rotto this weekend because of the forecast of high winds.

The weekend will go down as a weekend of bad decisions all round! 🙂

David and Goliath tussle…Rottnest style!





I witnessed a very cool tussle at Parker Point today.

I fisherman was throwing whiting frames over the side which brought in a variety of hungry residents ready to go to extraordinary lengths for the tasty morsel of whiting.

For sure the most gutsy display of courage was this little crab, who literally went in amongst the thick of the tussle between 3 big sting rays ands 2 eagle rays…grabbed his targeted portion and then off he went!

Only to have me following him with my camera. But he had more totally foiled because he found the perfect little tree to hide behind!

A very special day at Parker Point!

It’s Mine!

Rottnest season is rapidly approaching which prompted me to get some Rotto RAW files out.

A good fun thing to do is to drop some cray heads on the clear sand areas like at Parker Point and Long Reach and then watch the Eagle Rays come in claiming their prize.

They look so cool they way they do the big hump thing and hover over the top of their catch.

The closer you get the more they aggressively push up with the arch.

Stacked and Stitched

In preparation for my up and coming trip on True North on Saturday with Christian Fletcher, I set about seeing what I need to do in order to get a file size that could match a Phase One file with my new 5D MK2.

This image is an 8 shot stitch with my 50mm prime, 4 across the top and 4 underneath, but the bottom 4 were also focus stacked.

The resultant file size was 10,000 pixels by 7100 pixels at 300 DPI which is indeed comparable to the Phase files.

This trip coming up will be the start of the Kimberley project that I have been invited to do with fellow Photographers: Christian Fletcher, Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway, Les Walkling and videography will be handled by Mike Fletcher.

I think I will be doing a fair bit of stacking and stitching on this trip!

For those of you who were at my talk at Foto Freo, this shot is a classic example of the techniques we discussed during that talk.

Rottnest Season is now officially open!

Well, what a beautiful weekend we had here in Perth and what better way to kick it off but to spend the weekend at my most favourite place on the planet..Rottnest Island! I went over on a mate Riv and we surfed the morning away very successfully at Stricklands and then cruised back to the Quokka Arms for lunch and to watch the back end of the footy.

We caught up with some Rotto mates we hadn’t seen since last season then around to long reach for some shots and more canapes after sunset with the same crew.

My mate Jamie Paterson recently asked for some Rotto shots…here you go mate…Rotto colours at their best!

The very Northerly swell made for some sweet swell lines going out through the channel at Transit!

Not a good way to start the day!

We spent Easter at Rottnest and on Easter Tuesday we had a 3.5m swell and a 15 second wave period. In surfy speak, that means it is game on and if you are not on your game it is ‘FLOGGING TIME’!

I sat in my tender for 10 minutes or so pinging off a few shots before I paddled in for my flogging and managed to capture this poor sole getting sucked over the falls!

Stricklands is the name of the break and it has a shallow shelf right about where this guy was going over the falls and what happens is it tends to have like a hydraulic motion and the compression of the water sometimes flings you high up in the air.

It certainly clears the sleep out of ones eyes! 🙂