Rowley Shoals Pipe Worm

Lady Fingers

I sat and watched the mesmerising antics of this beautiful pipe worm for a good 5 minutes….whilst my patient dive buddy Lindsay waited patiently exploring his own piece of the reef close by.

These worms will retract into the coral if you get too close, but whilst out and showing off their beauty they remain a sight to behold.

First Images from True North at the Rowley Shoals


Entrance Pano

Gav on Board

An absolutely sensational start to the Rowley’s season on True North this year.

A nice calm passage over and very calm and clear conditions all day yesterday.

A couple of firsts above:

The first D810 image from my new Nauticam housing and the first aerial image of the trip. I have done 4 flights already with the Phantom 3 Drone and have some amazing video vision as well.

As time permits, I will assemble the footage into a video, but with the action packed days out here I doubt that will be before I return home.

Stay tuned for more images as time permits.

Only 2 days to go before our next True North Adventure!

True North Hero Rowleys

The True North is about to close out the Kimberley cruise season on Friday and enter into the Rowley Shoals dive season.

Lee and I are joining a long time friend Lindsay Hassen on the first Rowleys cruise this year and I am very much looking forward to showing Lindsay the wonders of the Rowleys.

The above shot was taken a couple of years ago, just on sunrise and it shows just how smooth and clear it can get out there!

As usual, I will be posting off the boat as time permits and this time the underwater shots will be from the Nikon D810 as I now have the Nautical housing for the Nikon beast.

Rowley Shoals Beauty

Into the Light

The Three of Us!

Coral Colours

The Edge


I have been going through some Rowley Shoals images this evening for a client, so I thought I would share them.

True North only cruises here 3 times a year and we still have capacity on all cruises to this amazing destination.

I have been diving now for 40 years and have dived all over the world.

I rate the Rowleys up there in the top diving destinations I have ever dived at and a very close second for sure would be PNG and West Papua.

All True North destinations and all awesome in their own right!

Rowley Shoals Magic

Blue Lines

Rowleys Clarity

I was sifting through a few old Rowley Shoals RAW files last night for an Advertising agency and found these little gems lurking there, so I thought I would share them!

The Rowley Shoals is one of WA’s best kept secrets and boasts world class diving and snorkelling in absolutely pristine condition and as it is 200nm off the coast it is also a place you can explore without having to share with hoards of other explorers!

If beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are on your ‘to do list’ then the Rowley’s can deliver for sure.

True North only does 3 cruises out there each year and at this point we do have some availability, so if you would like to know more, check out our new website here

Mirror Mirror, Yacht and all!

This shot was taken not long after the Rowley’s Reds in my early post and is another classic example of dead calm at beautiful Rowley Shoals.

It is quite unique to see such a glass off so far off shore when there are little or no other landmasses or other clutter that takes away the chance of simple compositions like these.