Shack Attack Charter Vessel ready for work

We have now handed over the newly refurbished charter vessel, the Shack attack.

This vessel will be for sure the best in its class in this state and ready for work to WOW people travelling to Cervantes with various charter opportunities such as whale watching, fishing charters and trips out to see how the crays are caught.

Shack Attack, Cervantes ready for work

At Evolution Commercial we have just finished a major refit for an old client who I have been dealing with since the early 80’s.

The vessel, now names Shack Attack is owned by Generation Fisheries and will be based out of Cervantes doing whale watching tours, fishing tours and also a unique crayfishing tour where people will be able to go out and see how the crayfish are caught and handled.

Generation Fisheries also own the Lobster Shack in Cervantes which is the largest lobster processing factory in WA.

I would thoroughly recommend a trip up there to have a look at what Dave and his team are up to as it is an eye opener for sure.

This concept is quite unique and to my knowledge there is no where else when you can go and see an entire fishing process right through from the capture to how the product ends up ready for export.