My interpretation of ‘Wildflowers’!!!

Wubin Rocks WF

Whilst away with Christian, Dave and Greg I was constantly contemplating what sort of shot would appeal to me for the theme ‘Wild Flowers’ that had become the subject of the latest friendly comp with Merv.

Would it be a narrow focus with a macro shot, or broad focus showing overall colour from a field of Wildflowers. After scanning through all of the 8 gig of shots taken last week, one image jumped out at me that I feel typifies both Wild Flowers and Australia very well.

The shot shows the harshness of the Australian landscape whilst at the same time showing off the beauty as well. All of the trees had been burned in a recent fire which is a fact of life in the bush in Australia. After the recent rains the regrowth was quite prolific and in no time the burned landscape has been transformed to a beautiful yellow and orange carpet of wildflowers.

The shot also has a great deal of depth created by the fortuitous positioning of the trees and the gravel road leading off into the distance. The long shadows also add a nice dimension.

In summary to me this shot definitely shows what Australian Wild Flowers are all about.

The idea of this mini comp is for you to place your vote either here or on Merv’s blog after viewing both of the entries based on the theme ‘Wild Flowers’.

You can see Merv’s blog and entry at:
Merv’s Blog

Early Spring shots from Kings Park now with Cloned Everlastings

I had the opportunity to get to Kings Park today after a meeting at Parliament House.

The clouds were awesome as was the light..finally!!!

Spring is nearly here people!

I have now amended the Everlasting shot as per CF and Jamies comments…looks better I think!!

Hope you like these first 2 images..I will work on the rest later and post them as I get them done.

Kings Park WF

Kangaroo Paw

Spring is nearly here I hope!!!

I don’t know about anyone else here in WA but I am very much ready for Spring to arrive!!

2 weeks of solid rain and cold kinda pulls ones spirit down some I reckon, so I thought I would post a couple of Spring type shots I took a while ago.

Just over a week till spring and 5 days till we get to True North and the warmth of the Kimberley!!!


Pollen Hunter