Ever stood on the edge of the world an simply pondered for a while.

Well on this occasion on a True North heli sunrise champaign breakfast, I caught one of our guests doing just that.

Standing on the edge of the cliffs at Raft Point, he looked to me like he was in another zone and pondering just how beautiful the scene was in front of him.

Sunrise, True North, Raft Point…beautiful! 🙂

Sunrise colours at the Rowley Shoals

I had a need to go through some Rowley Shoals shots today and found this one lurking.

A good example of sunrise colours in amongst the calmest sunrise I have ever seen I think. If I remember correctly I was so excited with what I saw out the window, I clean forgot to wake up Mikie Mike Fletcher!

He might forgive me one day in the next millennium! 🙂

Anzac day sunrise at Porpoise Bay Rottnest

ANZAC day was the only calm day at Rottnest that warranted a sunrise shoot…well for some anyway as Flembot chose to catch up on some beauty sleep! A morning person he is not!

This was the first shot of the morning just before sunrise and I then skiddadled further around the bay to where I captured the actual sunrise shot posted previously.

Any guesses as to where I shot the previous post from!

Drysdale River Sunrise

I am not quite sure about this one. It is a simple composition and the colours are cool and soothing…but not sure all the same!

On this morning I woke the lads as I thought the sunrise was shaping up, but this was the first shot I took and thereafter the clouds faded, the wind picked up and pancakes were calling…the Flembot could not resist the call!

Flembot reckons that True North pancakes should be put up as an Australian icon!

Luscernque Island Sunrise







We are now back in PNG…amazing how this blog can take you from a full on commercial scene one day and then off to a tropical paradise the next eh!

This shot was taken just after Christian drop his Phase One in the water and if you look closely you can see him frantically working on the Phase on the beach just on the left.

Fortunately the beast is back in action now, so no real harm done apart from a few year off Christian’s life with the stress it all caused!

How beautiful are these islands? I could spend a whole day shooting here no problem at all!