Yacht Sunset, Fremantle

Yacht Sunset

Throughout the afternoon I watched some interesting cloud development and so raffled my plans to go to Cross Fit and set out to see what developed.

A quick sortie up to my local lookout indicated my original thoughts to go to Kings Park was not the best play so headed to Fremantle to see what was on offer.

Only at the final moments did this scene start to evolve, but I was totally in the wrong spot.

So a quick drive and a sprint and I managed to get this.

Worth the drama I think! 🙂

Power House Sunset

Power Station Lake Sunset

Power station X

Freo Power Station Sunset

Whilst Jamie Paterson was out at Sand Tracks on Sunday night, I ventured out to the old Power Station to see what was on offer and came away with these 3.

We did catch up for coffee on the way home. That was just before coming down with the mongrel ‘man flu’ that has been going around! Much worse than normal flu I can assure you!

Did anyone get the number of the Mack truck that must have run me over! 🙁

Smoky Sunset

Smoky Fishermen

Smoky Ship

We had our share of bush fires in Perth this evening which were sending some very cool cloud formations out over the ocean, so I headed out to see what was on offer.

Nothing like the fires of NSW just now and my thoughts go out to anyone dealing with what is going on over there! A big day to get through tomorrow apparently in NSW with 100km winds forecast and 32 degree temperatures!

If you are in the area over there, stay safe and get out with plenty of time as with those conditions, the fire storm will have a mind of its own and it will travel at insane speeds!

Above are a couple of different images that were the product of the unique conditions in the skies over here this evening.

Wintery Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks St 2

We are down at Eagle Bay spending the weekend with some friends and I snuck out last night to capture some wintery action down at Canal Rocks.

I never tire of that place as it always has a different mood and look to it.

Heading out now with Ian Wise for a sunrise shoot.