Fremantle Harbour Sunset

SS over Freo Harbour

After a very nice Sundowner and House warming at Helen and Nigel Gaunt’s new pad in North Coogee, I noticed a bit of colour looming on the horizon.

So, as a Newcastle boy once said….’never let a chance go by on no…never let a chance go by’! 🙂

I decided to launch the drone to get an aerial perspective and the above is the result!

Old Jurien Bay Jetty

I went to Jurien Bay to do some Skydives with some old Skydiving buddies yesterday and this morning and after the jump yesterday I went to the beach and watched the sunset develop over an hour or so.

Such a beautiful evening to be out and every 15 minutes the whole scene was changing.

Here are a few of the various moods that were presented to me. A beautiful way to close out a great day!

Fayes Bay Sunset, Rottnest Island

Earlier this week my very good friend Flemming Bo Jensen, AKA Flembot posted a shot of me shooting away from the sunset at Rottnest.

Well, this is proof that I did turn the camera around when the time was right! I was a cracker sunset enjoyed with good friends Flembot, Peta and Paul North.

Paragliding at Dutch In

I set out at sunset this evening to see what I could find as the build up on the horizon looked like it might go nuts.

On arrival at the famous cliff area known as Dutch In, I found a couple of guys soaring up and down the cliffs on their para gliders. The wind seemed to be border line as they weren’t getting an abundance of lift, but they were having a lot of fun for sure.

I also met a nice young bloke from Canada who has only recently taken up photography, but he was kitted out with all the good gear…Canon 5DMK2 and a 24-70 Zoom. He is featured in the bottom shot.

A nice way to spend a sunset!

Pristine Wyadup Beach

The name Wyadup Beach is probably the only thing that remains a constant in this ever changing landscape!

I have been down there when there has been large pools under these rocks, when there has been green moss over the rocks and when there have been mini waterfalls going off everywhere.

Last Saturday when Ian Wise and I went down for a sunset shoot we were, once again presented with a different and more tranquil version of Wyadup Beach.

Where else can you go to one location and get different shots every single time!

Lighthouse sunset

This shot was taken 180 degrees from last nights shot, which shows just how widespread the colours were.

The Bathurst lighthouse is an iconic part of Rottnest Island and was the backdrop for the wedding photos from the mornings wedding that was held at Parker Point. These guys nailed the weather for sure with picture perfect light and clouds happening all day!

Pinkies Sunset

As you may have gathered by some of the other Blogger’s posts this evening, the sunset was pretty special!

Rottnest was no exception to the lead up so Flemming Bo Jensen and I set out to see what we could get. We decided to go around to Pinkies beach as the build up all around there was showing promise and for sure we ended up in the right spot.

One never tires of the golden colours of a Rottnest sunset!

More Rottnest colours

The long weekend presented a number of photo opportunities over at Rottnest with an array of colour pallets appearing and then evolving as the evening drew to a close.

These colours were of particular attraction to me as they were so vibrant leading up to the more traditional sunset colours.

The tiny little yacht coming into the bay made for a nice sense of scale to the scene.

Not long after this shot 4 rev heads went belting past at about 50 knots which totally broke the mood!

I am sure our yachties out there would have been mumbling a few words under their breaths!

Rottnest Sunset images

As you would have seen on some of the blogs from yesterday, there was a pretty cool sunset last night and one of my more favorite images from last night was actually pre-sunset looking back to Perth. There was an unusual grey cloud with an array of straight and coloured light beams creating a very unusual effect in the sky.

The final hoorah out to the west was a very fiery end to the day out over the Western Lighthouse.