Swift Bay tunnel

This was the last shot from our morning’s excursions at Swift Bay when I was out with Christian and Jen Fletcher.

It was a beautiful morning to be out watching the sunrise and to end the walk in the little cavern was a nice way to end up.

At high tide the cavern is completely underwater and you can see the years of erosion showing on the sandstone layers, together with the patterns in the sand. A few bats also live in here as well, just to add to the mood when walking through!

Swift Bay cave

This one is for Pete Hodgson! You asked for something different and hopefully this cave shot will tick the box!

It is a cool little spot that I found at Swift Bay last year that can only be accessed at low tide. The cave is full of bats and I wonder where they go when it is high tide as this cave would be totally underwater!

In fact it has been a big day for caves as Christian Jen and I just spent an hour or so in another cave pinging away…stay tuned for that one later today!