The Basin at Rottnest at its best

The Basin Blue Pano

As mentioned in last nights post, I had a few Photog visitors to Rottnest last season and on this weekend we had the Fletchers over and once again, Rottnest turned it on.

The Basin at Rottnest is for sure the most picturesque bay on the island and it has so many epic options for a good capture.

On this occasion, the light and tranquility from this perspective caught my eye and this image is the result of a 5 image stitch with a 24mm lens.

Classic Basin at Rottnest Island

As mentioned in a previous post, Rottnest turned it on over the weekend which paved the way for a revisit of one of the classic Rottnest locations, which is the very well known little bay called the Basin.

I grabbed an up and budding photog, Morgan and set off in my trusty tender looking to get some water based shots of the Basin.

The 2 shots are similar, the main difference being one is a single capture and the other is an 8 shot stitch.


One of the best beaches in the world!

The title above is bold and probably controversial as many readers will think…’no I have been to a better one here and there etc’, but I do believe I am qualified to make a statement like ‘The Basin at Rottnest Island would, in my opinion, be up there as one of the best beaches anywhere!

I have done a lot of travelling in my time for various reasons of both work and play and yet every time I would past the Basin at Rottnest Island, I think…’wow’ how beautiful is that! From the crystal clear water, to the natural harbour surrounded by a large limestone cliff looking down on the swimming beach to the reef lines adding interest to the beach, the Basin has it all!

Last week I picked up my new Zeis 21mm lense from Team digital and all of the recent posts have been shot with that lense. Impressively sharp to say the least!

Beautiful Rottnest colours to kick off the season!

The official start to the Rottnest season this weekend for all the regular Rotto goers and we were treated to beautiful clear waters and some classic Rottnest colours.

The basin had snorkelers, a charter boat, stand up paddle boards and heaps of kids playing in the shallows, all of which made for some tranquil summer time scenes.

The Basin Chequers

I saw this cool vantage point coming into Longreach this weekend that I had not checked out before. So after the dive Greg and I cruised over in the tender and proceeded to climb up. The sand stone was oohh sooo sharp…one slip and we would have looked liked shredded cheeze I reckon, but look what we found with our new found vantage point! Pretty cool eh!