The rebirth of the Harrietta

After 10 months of total refit, the Harrietta, owned by Bhagwan Marine, is now back in service and has been brought back to an as new condition

I shot a timelapse sequence of the final outfit and the launch which has just been edited and posted on Vimeo by Flemming Bo Jensen.

There were some long hours in those final weekends and even for yours truly who was on the end of the high pressure washer on the anchor chain you will see getting fed back into the chain lockers.

Thanks for the editing Flemming!

You can see the video here.

Time Lapse movie of Evolution Commercial at work!

We recently did some major rework at Evolution Commercial and as the process is quite unique, I thought we would put a time lapse together of the project.

The images were shot by the Flemming Bo Jensen (aka Flembot) and the movie was put together by none other than Mike Fletcher (aka Mikie Mike)!

Please follow the link here:

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