Montgomery Magic!

Montgomery Blue St

Imagine my glee when PT Gui actually stitched this image and I didn’t have to hand stitch it!

Happy days!

This image shows one of the many moods and colours that you see when spending 3/4 of a day there. It was great to arrive just on sunrise and what the wonderful spectacle of the 300 sq km reef appear out of no where!

Ayau Atoll West Papue

Another day in Paradise….all shot with the Olympus OM-D except for the last shot.

Ayau Atoll is like the Rowley’s on steroids and about 10 times as big. We are just above the equator now and this morning joined 3 villages for some sing sings.

A true untouched paradise. The village people have never seen a tourist boat and the kids were so taken by seeing us all lob in on their doorstep.

Then after a sumptuous lunch we jumped in the new True North EC 130 B4 heli and zoomed up to 7,000 ft to get the atoll pano.

The atoll shot is a 3 image stitch shot with the Olympus OM-D.


There are numerous special places down south, but one that always entices me back is and that place is Wyadup.

Ian Wise and I spent Saturday evening here.

I have called both of these images ‘Pondering’ as that is exactly what the figure featured in the images was doing…just pondering and checking out the surroundings and the beautiful sunset that was developing.

The dramatic rocks and sky added to the tranquil scene and our ponderer gave me the scale figure I was hoping for!

Lower Camp Creek Falls

A fair way down the Prince Regent River is an offshoot tributary the runs south on the way to Melaluka Falls, where we have our Heli picnics.

The walk to Camp Creek is a challenging walk in some respects but it is well worth it with the array of beautiful scenes along the way.

These little falls are are just down from the main falls which I will post soon.

To me this scene is very typical to many of the tributary river systems that are so abundant in the Kimberley.

Wynyalkin Sunset and Drinks on the Beach

What a way to spend an evening! The guests on board True North were treated to an amazing sunset this evening and after landing on the beach, Christian and I set about climbing up and over the cliffs you see on the right and were pleasantly surprised with this beautiful blue pool.

It was a race against time finding our way to the right shooting locations and many of the routes we chose we dead ends, but we finally made our way through the maze and the rewards were there for our efforts.

The epic scenes we abundant and the hardest part was picking the right perspective before the sunset.

We will definitely spend more time here next time round now that I know what is there!

More to come later, stay tuned!

Pinkies Sunset

As you may have gathered by some of the other Blogger’s posts this evening, the sunset was pretty special!

Rottnest was no exception to the lead up so Flemming Bo Jensen and I set out to see what we could get. We decided to go around to Pinkies beach as the build up all around there was showing promise and for sure we ended up in the right spot.

One never tires of the golden colours of a Rottnest sunset!