Pilon Sunrise

This is the first shot I took the other morning and whilst playing around with it I found that it was a golden Black and White Specimen. Thinkin; you might like this one Mr. Spool!

Took a fair bit of blending but had a fair bit of time seeing as I have been travelling now for 26 hours…still not even half way yet…doh!

Caribbean Sunset

I spent some time with John and his family in Tobago over the weekend (the guy I met on the plane in) and was treated to a wonderful BBQ in the evening and lunch on the Sunday.

This was I shot taken from the beach at Tobago. Lovin the colours in this shot and I reckon it would look good on any wall!

Staubles Bay Sunrise – Trinidad

This one’s for you John!

I will give you the large TIFF file when I see you tomorrow at Tobago.

For the blog readers, this is looking out to Venezuela out from the Coast Guard facility at Staubles Bay. John has a very nice property on the island to the left of this shot.

I got the pano as close as I could in PT Gui and then did some manual overlays…took a while I can assure you! Shot with my 28-300 at 50mm at F8 hand held stitch of about 8 shots.

Trini Sunrise

I woke up this morning just before sunrise as I often do when i am travelling and went down for an early morning swim when this sunrise started to take shape. I am just North of the Port of Spain here in some waterside apartments and this old jetty makes a great set of leading lines into this image.