Back from PNG




We are now back in Cairns from PNG and on the way home tomorrow.

The Bizmark cruise we just did would rate up there with one of the best cruises we have done on True North as it had everything.

On the first dive yesterday we found one of the coolest looking sea anemones I have ever seen, but I had the wrong lens on to capture it properly, so after a short break headed back out for a 20 minute dive just on that anemone site.

Well worth it as I have already sold one of these now!

Coupled to that on the way back from the dive we heard that one of the guests had hooked a sail fish and we were cruising right by them.

I managed to get video of the final stages of the catch and also a few shots with the volcano in the background. That made 2 good size sail fish hooked for the trip and released and also one Marlin. Not to mention the big eye tuna, wahoo, mackerel and GT’s that were landed!

As if that wasn’t enough, after lunch I just swam to shore and found one of the best snorkelling spots I have ever seen, just at the back of the True North!

Knocked that one out of the ball park we did! 🙂

Last day at Cendrawasih Bay on True North

Sadly it is the last day of the True North adventures in Cendrawasih Bay. Everyone is still somewhat in a state of shock as to how simply fantastic the cruise has been and the various experiences we had on board.

We did 2 dives today and both were exceptional with a huge array of sea life to behold with excellent viability.

These 3 images were taken on those 2 dives.

Ayau Attol

Some more images from West Papua and Ayau Atoll. We visited 3 villages yesterday all very different and quite affluent compared to most of the PNG villages we visit.

It seems that they have found a viable export market in Hong Kong for their fresh fish which subsequently allows them some luxuries like gensets for the village, sat dishes and the like.

Ayau Atoll West Papue

Another day in Paradise….all shot with the Olympus OM-D except for the last shot.

Ayau Atoll is like the Rowley’s on steroids and about 10 times as big. We are just above the equator now and this morning joined 3 villages for some sing sings.

A true untouched paradise. The village people have never seen a tourist boat and the kids were so taken by seeing us all lob in on their doorstep.

Then after a sumptuous lunch we jumped in the new True North EC 130 B4 heli and zoomed up to 7,000 ft to get the atoll pano.

The atoll shot is a 3 image stitch shot with the Olympus OM-D.

Mirror Mirror, Yacht and all!

This shot was taken not long after the Rowley’s Reds in my early post and is another classic example of dead calm at beautiful Rowley Shoals.

It is quite unique to see such a glass off so far off shore when there are little or no other landmasses or other clutter that takes away the chance of simple compositions like these.

Parker Point Rottnest Island

If you ask Flemming Bo Jensen about yesterday he would have said it would have been hard to beat the afternoon of swimming with the seals, but today Rottnest turned it on again.

With a strong North East wind blowing this morning, we left the North side of the island for picturesque Parker Point on the Southern side of the island. I shot off for a quick surf at Stricklands and then after lunch we loaded up the underwater housing, kindly loaned by my buddy Glenn Murray, and set off for the coral gardens at Parker Point.

The top image is of a wave breaking over me, which I simply called……’Duck’!

The other is a simple image featuring some colourful seaweed against a mirror calm surface.

The day at Parker Point was picture perfect and the bay was totally loaded with heaps of boats and people enjoying the tranquility of the bay.

A beautiful way to finish the weekend.