Into the Light…another True North adventure!


On one of the village visits in West Papua recently, I came across this little cutie who was only too happy to do a few poses for me.

Mikie Mike Fletcher had spotted these God rays coming through the slats thanks to some coals burning down in the background which made for a nice backdrop.

It is pleasing to see a generation of people so happy with the simple life and not constantly wanting for things and so happy in their own space.

I think we could all learn some lessons from their lifestyle!

Rowley’s Warmth

Rowleys Gold 2

Well, that was a proper winters day in Perth and the South West of WA!

Around 10 degrees at 1800!

I thought given that it is so cold and miserable outside at the moment, that I would work up another little gem from the Rowley Shoals from last year I have been meaning to get around to for a while now This image showcases the beautiful clear water out at the shoals and the stunning Bedwell Island.

True North is now only a few weeks away from going back to the shoals for our seasonal 3 x 5 day dive and snorkelling excursions out there.

True North still has some availability for this years Rowley Shoals season, so if you are interested in getting away from the cold for a few days and exploring one of the best dive destinations in the world, then check out our website at: for details, or call the girls in the office for information on:

08 9192 1829

Pied Piper

Piece-Kids Jetty-Kids Happy-Kids

On the last day of our True North adventure we were at Bagabag Island and in the afternoon I spent an hour or so shooting these kids who were jumping off the jetty.

Incredibly confident in the water and great swimmers.

Their standard answer to every instruction was an exuberant ‘YES’ and then after all was done, they insisted on following me in a swim back to True North, which was a good 500m offshore.

I took pity on one of the smaller ones who grew tired and allowed him to do the tired swimmer on my shoulders but the rest of the group simply seemed to grow as we got closer to True North in True Pied Piper style!

A very memorable and enjoyable shoot!

Back to PNG on True North

Lee and the Coconut Lee and I are flying out to True North tomorrow and back to PNG for the Sepik cruise that we loved so much last year, we decided to do it again!

I will be taking all of my kit, including 2 Nikon D810’s, the Nauticam housing, the Phantom 3 Drone and as of today, I have just received the new DJI OSMO, courtesy of Saul from Camera Electronics.

They just received their first stock in today and I was lucky enough to get mine in time for this cruise.

As tine permits, I will post live from True North.