Ozbrero hats

One of the enterprizing deckhands on the True North has started a new venture where he is selling Ozbrero hats and also a great natural sunscreen product, as well as Ozbrero water bottles. I have not road tested the sunscreen or the water bottles, but knowing Cookie like I do, I am sure they will be of high quality.

He did however give me one of the hats to try out and today I ventured out around Rottnest on a photo shoot. So I sunscreened up and donned the Ozbrero hat and off I went for a couple of hours as some thundery clouds were developing, to see what I could get.

The hat works a treat. It gives a lot more protection than a peak cap for your ears, neck and the side of your face, it has a very comfortable next strap which I found was not needed as the hat sat on my head without every feeling like it might blow off and also it managed to stay in shape whilst punching into the wind.

All in all, I think Cookie is on a winner with this one and for anyone who spends lots of time in the sun, I think these hats will make a great alternative to anything else I have seen.

I think they are especially suited to fishing.

You can see Cookie’s website here.