Blue Skies-pure white sands-Rowley Shoals-True North….Perfection!!!

I think the title says it all about this image. The Rowley Shoals is located about 200nm North West of Broome and we are just doing our last trip to the Shoals for this season as we speak.

The Rowleys have the big tides that are prevalent in our North West and as such a scene like this can literally change before your eyes. It was not long after this that there was a metre of water where the sand lines are and a small Hammerhead shark cruising through enjoying the warm clear waters.

The name of the Island is Bedwell Island and it is the scene of our famous True North sunset cocktails on one of the evenings whilst we are over there.

Diving in this area is as good as it gets and I feel that I am qualified to make that statement given that I have been diving for 38 years and have dived at most of the iconic dive sites around the world. The Rowley’s has everything from one of the best wall dives on the planet, to dives with huge Potato Cod with plenty of untouched marine life and coral to view as it has been for centuries.

Mike Fletcher’s True North at the Rowley Shoals…sheer genius!!!

Mike has just sent me a link to his latest creation that he took out at the Rowley Shoals. This is now the 6th video he has produced for us and once again he has shown his unique style brings out the best of our destinations in a very classy way.

Thanks once again Mike from all of us at North Star Cruises.

Adrian, this is where you could have been for your Honeymoon!

You can see the video here: Mike Fletcher at the Rowley Shoals on True North