Asian Fish Markets

The Push-900

The Yellow Fish Lady-900

Fishing Boats-900

Well that was a hectic couple of days, between missing a flight due to a Typhoon and having to overnight in HK and then going for a ferry ride in the roughest weather I have ever seen…fun not!

One of the highlights for me over the last couple of days was to watch this fish market in action and all of the goings on. They have a serious fleet of fishing boats that go out and catch these fish and then at the markets the processing and the auctions begin.

Most of the Tuna is sold for Sashimi, others are used for cutlets and there was little waste from what I could see.

There is still torrential rain up here and fingers crossed that I will now make my link to London for the next part of my journey!

I would just about kill for a shower right now and not likely to get one till about 0430….doh!

Up, up and away!

From tomorrow I will be off for a few weeks adventure and covering a fair bit of ground in that time.

Therefore my blog posts will be a little less regular than usual, but it is also likely that the new blog posts will be from some exotic locations!

So stay tuned and enjoy the ride with me as I think you will surprised at the ground I will cover on this trip!

In the mean time…stay safe and be good to your mother! šŸ™‚