True North Refit time!

The mighty True North is now in our sheds at Evolution Commercial undergoing our annual refit.

We are repainting most of the True North this year and other major jobs include both stern tubes being replaced and the stbd exhaust sponson and side plates are being replaced as well.

As per our normal refit practice, she will present better than new at the end of the month and totally ready for this years cruise season.

Our Evolution team and some of the True North team are working 24 hours shifts to ensure we get on top of the big jobs early!

True North ready for this year’s cruise season…almost!

True North on Slip Bow Quarter TN on slip High

Another year of refit almost finished for True North.

A few curve balls again this year with a bit of corrosion in the exhaust on the port side which needed some attention and thanks to the dedication and follow through from both the Evolution Commercial team and the North Star team, we are not once again ready for this years cruise season with True North starting the season in as new condition.

A bit of spit and polish to be done over the next week and all will be good for the West Coast explorer departure.

I have put together a short drone video here of the launch:


True North, back for Refit

TN on slip

True North is back in town for her annual refit and is now safely up on our slip at the AME facility.

Everything went according to plan and am pleased to say that this years refit should be relatively routine when compared to last years 10 year refit, whereby we swapped out main engines and gensets.

Between now and the 22nd of Feb True North will have everything addressed that needs attention that will bring her back to as new condition and to be ready for another 11 months of Adventure cruising in some of the world’s last frontiers.

The refit will be done by way of the 2 teams of Evolution Commercial and the True North teams coming together to do what is required to bring the vessel back to as new condition.

As we cruise in extremely remote locations throughout our cruise season, nothing is left to chance.




Only 2 days to go before our next True North Adventure!

True North Hero Rowleys

The True North is about to close out the Kimberley cruise season on Friday and enter into the Rowley Shoals dive season.

Lee and I are joining a long time friend Lindsay Hassen on the first Rowleys cruise this year and I am very much looking forward to showing Lindsay the wonders of the Rowleys.

The above shot was taken a couple of years ago, just on sunrise and it shows just how smooth and clear it can get out there!

As usual, I will be posting off the boat as time permits and this time the underwater shots will be from the Nikon D810 as I now have the Nautical housing for the Nikon beast.

True North up for annual refit

True North on Slip 900

Its that time of year again and True North is up on our slip at Evolution Commercial for our 10 year refit!

In those 10 years we have circumnavigated Australia and PNG 10 times with numerous cruises in-between the circumnavigation and the main engines clocked up over 27,000 hours!

We did not do the Southern Safari cruise this year in order to give us more time for the refit as we are pulling out the old engines and boxes and also the genets, with all new gear going back in!

The Evolution refit team are all over True North at the moment and things are all tracking on schedule.

By early March she should be back to as new condition as she always is when she sails away after refit and ready for another solid years cruising.