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Now that I have some time, I would like to share last weekend’s experiences at Shannon Horse Riding Adventures down south near Pemberton.

The company was founded by Jeff Muir some 30 odd years ago and he recently bought it back as he felt it was the right thing to do.

He and his partner Merle go out of their way to make you feel both welcome and comfortable.

The weekend started with a drive down to Manjimup where the horses are agisted and we rounded them up with the assistance of Jeff’s 94 year old father…that’s right 94 years old and still driving a manual car and he was the one standing at the entrance stopping a charging horse from leaving the corral.

Then off to the family camp site near the coast and down near Pemberton, which is well set up for camping with modest facilities and a flushing toilet.

The set up is based on battery power only so no working up photos etc as you go, or internet connections etc….which is a good thing in a way to properly break away from the things we get used to.

The riding area is vast and diverse and given that we are now in spring had the added benefit of wild flowers every where. We rode through numerous Karri forests, built up Acacia groves, sand dunes, ridges and rugged coastal vistas and beaches.

The horses were well behaved and pretty keen for a run and the group of 10 guests interacted well.

The evenings ended up with some great country cooking between Jeff and Merle with the assistance of a few of the guests and the banter often gravitated back to the history of the region and the Muir families achievements and heritage, which I found quite interesting as an insight into the region.

So, all in all a very different and interesting weekend and nice to see a traditional horse riding operator not put off by all the liability issues faced by owners of such businesses these days!

The last time I rode in WA I took the kids to a place in Dwellingup where the operator barely allowed us to get to a trot never mind a canter!

So well done Jeff and Merle…I am sure your passion and energy will progress Shannon Horse Riding as it should in the future.