Cendrawasih Bay Video from last year on True North

Last year as many of you know, North Star Cruises did an exploratory cruise to West Papua and more specifically to the area known as Cendrawasih Bay.

On board we had a Channel 7 crew and also Paul Wags, who is a renowned underwater videographer.

Paul, or Wagsy as he is affectionately know as, has just completed an edit for us which can be viewed here.

A very special place and a very special experience.

We now do 3 cruises to this area each year.

You can view the video here

Paul Wags can be contacted here:

Paul Wags
0428 298 007

Ayau Atoll West Papue

Another day in Paradise….all shot with the Olympus OM-D except for the last shot.

Ayau Atoll is like the Rowley’s on steroids and about 10 times as big. We are just above the equator now and this morning joined 3 villages for some sing sings.

A true untouched paradise. The village people have never seen a tourist boat and the kids were so taken by seeing us all lob in on their doorstep.

Then after a sumptuous lunch we jumped in the new True North EC 130 B4 heli and zoomed up to 7,000 ft to get the atoll pano.

The atoll shot is a 3 image stitch shot with the Olympus OM-D.

First images from West Papua on True North

Here are the first images shot with the Olympus OM-D on the True North in West Papua.

It is a beautiful little bay surrounded with little beehive islands and the colours in the water are to die for!

So far very impressed with the versatility of the OM-D and also how steady the camera is in video mode with the stabilisation system.

It has been a hectic day so far with a 0430 start getting the sunrise then, a steep climb up to the perspective you see, then off for our first dive. A cruise around for an afternoon shoot then a heli shoot at sunset will top the day off!

The new underwater housing is working vey well as well but more on that as time permits.