More Spring from our South West



A beautiful weekend to be out and about this weekend and managed to capture a lot of colour.

I hope you all managed to shake the winter blues and get back to nature this weekend!

The wildflowers are out everywhere and any where it would seem, so next weekend if you have nothing to do, simply get in the car and go for a drive!

Denmark Colours

On my recent trip down south with Jamie Paterson we briefly stopped into Denmark. Driving by the river brought our attention to these tranquil colours of the river leading out to the ocean.

Not long after I took this shot, the tide changed and the river turned a very muddy brown. Sometimes its all about the timing!

Cervantes Jetty




I took this the other day whilst up at Cervantes. This is the old jetty where they used to land their crayfish.

Cool clouds eh!

It looks like Photogs aren’t cooks eh, as I have had little or no feedback on those recipes! Oh well…I shall just keep them to myself then! šŸ™‚