Beauty and the Whale Shark!

We have a channel 7 crew on board who will be putting together a documentary on this cruise.

The lovely Belinda featured in these shots is the producer and presenter for the show and she graciously agreed to do some poses on the early morning shoot we did yesterday, some of which you will notice were without mask and fins!

Not an easy task seeing as the light was limited in the morning and she would have barely been able to make out the sharks!

Well done Belinda!

The Channel 7 crew are rating this trip as the best ever and I am sure their documentary will be exceptional! I will put a post up when I know it is going to air.

More images from True North in Cendrawasih Bay

Its a tough gig over here at the moment! An early dive with the whale sharks again this morning and then we had a sail fish come up from the deep to say hey!

The early light is definitely the go for shooting the whale sharks and the Light and Motion 1200 LED I have worked perfectly to light us the various subjects.

After 2 hours of snorkelling and 1 hour of scuba, I am now a bit puffed to say the least, but I have heaps of cool vision to work on!

A great time had by all on board the True North with most saying it is the best couple of days they have had anywhere!

We have 3 whale sharks this morning…oh and of course one sail fish and not to mention a couple of bronzies down deep!

More Whale Shark shots from Cendrawasih Bay on

Some more Whale Shark Images.The mood at lunch was really something quite special with everyone being both exhausted from being in the water for 3 hours but also from the hype of the reality of just how cool this experience was.

We have a professional underwater videographer on board who has dived with whales sharks countless times and he rates the experience by far the best he has ever done!

Whale Sharks of Cendrawasih Bay on True North

Well what can I say! Those of you who know me also know that I have done a fair bit whilst i have been on this planet and I can genuinely say that this mornings snorkel with the Whale Sharks of Cendrawasih Bay on True North is up there with one of the best experiences ever!

Everyone on board is so excited and we have now dived for about 3 hours with as many as 7 whale sharks at once.

Here is a teaser shot with more to come as time permits.