Rowley Shoals Magic

Blue Lines

Rowleys Clarity

I was sifting through a few old Rowley Shoals RAW files last night for an Advertising agency and found these little gems lurking there, so I thought I would share them!

The Rowley Shoals is one of WA’s best kept secrets and boasts world class diving and snorkelling in absolutely pristine condition and as it is 200nm off the coast it is also a place you can explore without having to share with hoards of other explorers!

If beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are on your ‘to do list’ then the Rowley’s can deliver for sure.

True North only does 3 cruises out there each year and at this point we do have some availability, so if you would like to know more, check out our new website here

PNG on True North here we come!

We are off tonight on another True North adventure and we have Ric and Aylsa from Kambalda camera club joining us as well!

This is one of my favourite True North Adventures as it covers all bases! Some of the most pristine and exquisite locations on the planet, with the most amazing white sandy beaches littered with palm trees, active volcanoes, high mountainous areas, raging rivers, amazing diving, world war ship and plane wrecks, Kokoda trail excursion by helicopter, interaction with the local culture every day and beautiful rain forests!

I will be posting off the True North every day from about Sunday onward, so stay tuned to the blog and you will see exactly why I believe that PNG is up there as one of the most beautiful locations on the planet!

More images from the Down South shoot on the weekend.

Here are a few more images from the shoot that Ian Wise and I did on Saturday last.

The start of the day had great light and it just kept on keeping on…as they say!

The top image is of Dunsborough beach facing North, the next is Meelup and the last is an early morning view of a mates Vineyard.

Blue Skies-pure white sands-Rowley Shoals-True North….Perfection!!!

I think the title says it all about this image. The Rowley Shoals is located about 200nm North West of Broome and we are just doing our last trip to the Shoals for this season as we speak.

The Rowleys have the big tides that are prevalent in our North West and as such a scene like this can literally change before your eyes. It was not long after this that there was a metre of water where the sand lines are and a small Hammerhead shark cruising through enjoying the warm clear waters.

The name of the Island is Bedwell Island and it is the scene of our famous True North sunset cocktails on one of the evenings whilst we are over there.

Diving in this area is as good as it gets and I feel that I am qualified to make that statement given that I have been diving for 38 years and have dived at most of the iconic dive sites around the world. The Rowley’s has everything from one of the best wall dives on the planet, to dives with huge Potato Cod with plenty of untouched marine life and coral to view as it has been for centuries.