More Spring from our South West



A beautiful weekend to be out and about this weekend and managed to capture a lot of colour.

I hope you all managed to shake the winter blues and get back to nature this weekend!

The wildflowers are out everywhere and any where it would seem, so next weekend if you have nothing to do, simply get in the car and go for a drive!

Pristine Wyadup Beach

The name Wyadup Beach is probably the only thing that remains a constant in this ever changing landscape!

I have been down there when there has been large pools under these rocks, when there has been green moss over the rocks and when there have been mini waterfalls going off everywhere.

Last Saturday when Ian Wise and I went down for a sunset shoot we were, once again presented with a different and more tranquil version of Wyadup Beach.

Where else can you go to one location and get different shots every single time!


There are numerous special places down south, but one that always entices me back is and that place is Wyadup.

Ian Wise and I spent Saturday evening here.

I have called both of these images ‘Pondering’ as that is exactly what the figure featured in the images was doing…just pondering and checking out the surroundings and the beautiful sunset that was developing.

The dramatic rocks and sky added to the tranquil scene and our ponderer gave me the scale figure I was hoping for!

More Wyadup Colours

This image is also taken at a similar time to the previous posts, albeit from a different perspective.

A good friend of mine lives near this area and he and his wife often spend hours exploring the beach and rocks in this beautiful secluded part of our south west coast. I have seen it so wild and rugged and yet I have also seen it ever so tranquil.

It was not that long ago that we had a very northern swell as a result of a cyclone coming down the coast and the resultant right hand barrels pumping through just to the left of the rocky outcrop were awesome.

I have seen a number of photos of pro surfers getting towed into these very hollow and solid barrels, that only ever work once in a blue moon!

A captured moment in time that I can guarantee will never look the same again!

Wyadup Colours

I was down south over the weekend and although there were not a lot of good photo opportunities, we took a run down to Wyadup to show the grand kids the area and the super high tide made for quite a different look than what I had see down there on previous shoots.

Also as we were there as 1500 rather than early or late, the colours were really popping.

7 shot stitch with the 1.2 50mm…10 stop ND.

Hope you like it!

Storm Clouds at Wyadup

Cyclone Bianca changed the plans for heaps of people this weekend…me included!

We were on the way to Rotto again until late Friday arvo when the forecast convinced me that maybe Eagle Bay was a safer option.

As it turned out Cyclone Bianca should have been called ‘Fizza Bianca’ as a rival thunderstorm in York and Northam showed Bianca what real havoc is all about!

In any case Christian Fletcher, the Flembot and my mate Ian Wise all met at 0445 on Saturday morning at Wyadup and were treated with some OK clouds and light created by Bianca.

I must say that I did not have such a good morning as this was the only image that I rate from the shoot!

Ian managed a pretty cool one from around a bit from here and yet to see what the other guys got.

Wyadup Sunrise

Here are 2 images I shot whilst out at a sunrise shoot with Christian and Flemming Bo Jensen.

The colours were very complimentary of this beautiful spot. It never ceases to amaze me how everytime I go here that it is like finding a new location…it changes so much!