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Mark is one of the owners of the magnificent True North, in partnership with Craig Howson and is a passionate photographer. His motto is “do it once and do it right”

Mark loves life and lives it to the max every day. He has been involved in 7 businesses over the years including Image Marine, now part of the Austal Ships Group, Skydive Express, Evolution Yachts and now North Star Cruises, True North Ashore and Evolution Commercial. Evolution Commercial are closely aligned with Evolution Yachts and are focused on new builds and refits in aluminium and steel and also steel builds out of Korea.

His Passions are Photography, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Bike Riding, Snow Skiing, Canoeing, Skydiving and Cooking. The group freefall shot was when he celebrated 20 years in Skydiving with a few of his close skydiving mates. 3500 skydives done in that time.

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  1. Photography and cooking eh…..well we have something in common, the rest of them are not quite me.

    Swimming ok surfing no good, bike riding and canoeing, to much like hard work, but love the Tour da France, scuba diving, no way , can't say F$%k under water when a shark comes along.

    I've added you to my blog links.

    1. Hi Merv,

      Well at least we have something in common!

      I wonder what you would say about one of my other passions…skydiving!!

      I have done 3500 jumps but have slowed down in recent times!



        1. Thanks Edward, then I suggest you make that a plan and start to work towards getting your first boat!

          I bought my first boat when i was 18 after working long hours with a group of mates in evenings and on weekends paint stripping aircraft. A mongrel job that paid well and it paid for my first boat!

          I have owned boats ever since…just these days they are somewhat larger! šŸ™‚


    1. Hi Guy,

      Great to hear from you! Everyone, I met Guy a number of years ago when we built him a boat for Israel. During the build of the boats we found we had many things in common, including skydiving. Guy had done a number of static line jumps during his years in the Israeli Airforce, but had never done a freefall. Well we fixed that and Guy did a number of Freefall jumps with me, just before he retired and went back to Israel.

      He was a great student and learned fast!

      Hope everything is going well for you and your wife in Israel Guy.



  3. Hi Mark
    Great to see you have your blog up… wow impressive. Always great to catch up in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Look forward to catching up soon when you come through on another adventure.

    1. Thanks for visiting Mike!

      I will look you up in Cairns in October when we do another PNG cruise on True North.



  4. Hi Mark,
    All the best mate, photos look great. Also added you to my blog roll so hope that it brings some traffic and potential clientelle…..hopefully me one day!


  6. Mark Stothard, probably the most focused, positive, go get, kick arse guy I have met. Mate you could only be better if you were blonde, female and gorgeous. Too bad you lucked out there!! hehe

  7. Hi Gorgeous this is your lovely wife Lee. I have finally had a look at your blog. As always your photos are stunning and I usually see them before they go on the blog, but as you are away I have to go on to the blog to see them. I love the photo's Mangrove Leaves, Peri Winkle Pool and the Eagle Ray photo is my favourite. Keep up the great work honey and I will see you when you get home. Love Lee

    1. Hey bub…good to see that you have finally found your way to the blog!

      Back home tomorrow…see you then. Christian is on the same flight as me so will get a lift with him.

      Love Me

  8. I'm sure many of you are like me and one of the first things you do in the morning is head here and check out the new post. Along with seeing the new posts, I'm also always checking out the blog roll rss feed and watching them grow, or shrink sometimes. In one of my past …but all in all excellent site. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Sorry for the late response, but I have been travelling and your comment went through to SPAM for some reason. Anyway thanks for visiting and stay tuned as they say!



  9. Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don't have the time.
    Oh well maybe one day…. šŸ™‚

    1. Hi Donnieboy…sorry for the late approval of your comment..but thanks anyway! I have been travelling a bit and your comment ended up in SPAM somehow so it slipped thru.



  10. Hi Mark,

    I work for Tourism Western Australia and wanted to use True North as an example in a presentation on the use of Social Media for marketing a tourism business.

    I have been monitoring how well you have utilised this blog and your connection with Michael Fletcher (and vimeo) and wondered if you would mind me asking a few questions about the effectiveness of using social media to market True North.

    Nothing major, just a few sentences on what the overall positive effect has been. Is that something you'd be interested in talking to me briefly about?


    Mark Welker

    1. Hi Dave,

      Yes happy for you to use my Rottnest Photos provided they are all linked to my blog and I am given credit for them.

      Thanks for visiting.



  11. Hey Mark

    I work for the Rottnest Island Business Community and I was wondering if it was possiable to use some of your pics to promote Rottnest?


    1. Hi Pam,

      I have sent you an email with my contact details and we can talk about what your needs are.

      I am available any time now for a chat.



  12. Mark you literally look like a guy who cant keep his feet on the ground. I'm sure your life, hard work and success to where you are today would fit the bill of the ABC show Australian Story. Would make for a great watch.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Nice words indeed mate! I am a doer for sure and apply myself head on to any new passion or direction I choose.

      I have a few sayings that i live by and these are:

      It ain't a rehearsal!

      You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

      The toe that you tread on today could very well be attached to the boot that's up your butt tomorrow!

      Here for a good time, not a long time!

      I have been working on the 'bucket list' concept since I was about 13 I reckon with a passion for life and the experiences to be had, so have seen a heap of cool stuff and done lots as well.

      Thanks again for the comments.



  13. Mark good to catch up at Rotto on the swim day we had tony hewitt and his wife on board and I believe you are meeting up with him at the kimberlies. should be awsome take care Stiffy

  14. Hey Stots,,Trust you do good.
    Found your Blog via Matts,, some great shots. love the pic of you and Lee in PNG, not one face without a smile. Matts brother Steve just got back from a surf camp there,the people seem so friendly eh.
    See ya Wayne

    1. Yes Matt is coming along very nicely and keen as punch!

      I have enjoyed spending some time with him..he is a great kid so well done on bringing the boys up so well!

      Png is hoot and one of the best kept secrets around. The people are wonderfull!

  15. Good to meet the master of this blog at Rotto on the weekend,looks like you had a successful day…
    love to get involved if you ever have space . thanks for the smiles..
    btw my site is chrisgosfield.com
    chris g.

    1. Hi Chris

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Yes indeed we did have some fun and for sure I will have a look at your website.

      I will for sure keep you in mind for a shoot when I am going out.

      If you send me your contact details by email we can keep on touch. mark@northstarcruises.com.au

      Thanks for the inspiration to go to the lakes. Yesterday the light was just perfect for bringing out the colours in the lakes and we got some gold out there…stay tuned…I have a bit of editing to do!



  16. Hey Mark,

    Hows things, Hope all is well.
    We have made it over to France, Would have been good to catch up with you again and go for a shoot before we left, but it was just so hectic packing and moving house etc.
    Anyway, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog, Let me know what you reckon if you get a chance to check it out.
    We should be back in Perth at the end of the year, hope to catch up with you then



  17. Well old boy I must say it was good to catch up and have a paddle up the Canning. The photos came out well and you certainly did a good job in isolating the Spoonbills, they look like their in a shadowbox. After seeing your photos I was thinking it's a great time of the year for early morning photos down at Ballingup and around Lewana on the Blackwood. You know, lots of mist and muted tones. Hope to catch up again soon.
    Yoong Tearla

    1. Hey Yooung Tearla….thanks for visiting bud!

      Yep the Spoonbill image and a few of the others came out pretty good eh!

      It was good to catch up for sure and I am up for a paddle down the Blackwood or anywhere any time mate!

      Bring it on I say!

  18. Hey Mark,

    Great to meet you last night. It's really good to be able to start actually putting faces to people's names and the personalities that come out through the blogs.
    Ok I have a stupid question, how do I subscribe to your blog? After last night I found out that's what you have to do and I thought I'd start with all you guys, I gotta get into the blogging,


    1. Hey Gorgeous…also nice to meet you as well!

      There should be a button on my blog that says 'subscribe to this blog via email' and that should do it. Then when ever I post something you will get an email.

  19. Hi Lance

    I am well aware of this fellow and it is highly unfortunate that he has exactly the same name as me.

    I can assure you that all the shots on my site are mine and that I am a totally different individual than the other Mark!

    I have been involved with 7 successful businesses over the years and still going strongly with 2 at the , moment.

    I see in one of the articles that he has taken you for a bit of a ride….sorry to hear that!

    In closing I can also assure you that this fellow is no relation of mine as well as my family has been here since the early 1800's!

    Stay tuned to this site Lance and I can assure you that I will show you some places that dreams are made of!


    True North Mark….'the real photographer with the name Mark Stothard'!

  20. So, well your confidence makes me feel you might be the same person as Mark the Photographer?

    What are the other 7 legitimate companies you are clearly not ashamed of called please. Let us know you really are not Mark of Minehead, please.

    1. Mr. Carnopy…I am in no way related to Mark the Photography in the UK. I am a 4th generation Aussy and am not related to this rogue of a fellow in any way!

      I have heard he has ripped off heaps of people over your way and no doubt you have met him if he has ripped you off, so surely the photos on my blog will show you that I am not this person!

      So, before you start accusing someone on the other side of the world of anything…maybe make some basic checks next time! šŸ™‚

  21. Hi Mark, I am researching a piece on the CY OConnor Beach wreck and noticed the stunning image on Google (was that starfish there really?). I am contacting you to get permission to use it in a story I am having published this weekend for the Fremantle Herald newspaper? It may not get run because of space, but just in case?
    Carmelo Amalfi

  22. Hi Mark
    Over the past few years have enjoyed viewing video footage of the True North trips not only from Broome and the Rowley Shores but all over the top end of Australia. Actually my parents enjoyed a trip on the first of the “True North” vessels.

    I too am enjoying the hobby of photography and have spent time with Nigel from Red Dirt Photography as I was based in Broome for many years and watched with envy the departing True North near on sun set heading off on but another trip.

    A reason for this comment on blog is that I am about to enter into a new venture into internet TV called “Safe Worlds” which is scheduled to be released to the public September/October this year and am seeking information on the ownership of the copy rights to all the video footage of the “True North”.

    Would it be possible for your advice in this matter and information be forwarded to my email address.

    One day I hope to find myself on the decks of “True North” with a Phase One camera in my hands being mentored by Christian Fletcher and skippered by yourself. That would be a trip of a life time.

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